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1 de julho de 2011

Savoy Brown - Discografia.

Inicialmente conhecido como o Savoy Brown Blues Band, foram uma das primeiras bandas de Blues Grã-Bretanha. Na sua terra natal não tiveram a aclamação merecida, mas o sucesso veio mesmo nos Estados Unidos, onde tiveram alguns singles emplacados na billboard.

Banda formada e liderada pelo guitarrista Kim Simmonds. A formação original incluia o vocalista Bruce Portius, tecladista Bob Hall, guitarrista Martin Stone, baixista Ray Chappell, e o baterista Leo Manning.

Lançaram em 1967 o primeiro disco, Shake Down, uma coleção de blues covers. . Buscando uma abordagem diferente, Simmonds dissolveu o grupo e trouxe o guitarrista Dave Peverett, baixista Rivers Jobe, baterista Roger Earl, e o fantástico cantor Chris Youlden.

Talvez com a sua melhor formação, o Savoy Brown foi reconhecido rapidamente, agora com gravações originais como “train for nowhere”.

No entanto, Youlden deixou a banda em 1970 logo após Raw Sienna, e pouco tempo depois, Peverett, Earl, e o baixista Tony Stevens partiram para formar o Foghat. Simmonds reuniu outros músicos e começou uma agitada turnê pela América, mostrando um grupo mais voltado para o blues e boogie-rock, que viria a dominar seus próximos álbuns.

O grupo dissolveu-se em 1973, mas reuniu-se no ano seguinte. Durante todo os anos 80 ‘e’90’ s Simmonds permaneceu girando seus músicos continuando a fazer turnês e gravar. Seu primeiro álbum para o Blind Pig , Strange Dreams, foi lançado em 2003. Estiveram recentemente no Brasil.



Mario Staiano (Bateria, Vocais Secundários)
Gerry Sorrentino (Baixo)
Kim Simmonds (Vocais, Guitarra)
Nathanial Peterson (Baixo, Vocais Secundários)


Ray Chappell (Baixo)
Stan Webb (Guitarra)
Tony Stevens (Baixo)
Roger Earl (Bateria)
Rivers Jobe (Baixo)
Dave Peverett (Guitarra)
Bob Hall (Teclas)
Chris Youlden (Vocais)
David Malachowski (Guitarra)
Bryce Portius (Vocais)
Martin Stone (Guitarra)
Leo Mannings (Bateria)
Dave Walker (Vocais)
Paul Raymond (Teclas)
Dave Walker (Vocais)
Andy Sylvester (Baixo)
Andy Pyle (Baixo)

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Shake Down (1967)
01. Ain't Superstitious
02. Let Me Love You Baby
03. Black Night
04. High Rise
05. Rock Me Baby
06. I Smell Trouble
07. Pretty Woman
08. Little Girl
09. Doormouse Rides The Rails
10. It's All My Fault
11. Shake 'Em On Down

Getting To The Point (1968)
01. Flood in Houston
02. Stay with Me Baby
03. Honey Bee
04. The Incredible Gnome Meets Jaxman
05. Give Me a Penny (Traditional) 

06. Mr. Downchild
07. Getting to the Point
08. Big City Lights
09. You Need Love
10. Walking by Myself
11. Taste and Try, Before You Buy
12. Someday People

Blue Matter (1969)
01. Train To Nowhere
02. Tolling Bells
03. She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand
04. Vicksburg Blues
05. Don't Turn Me From Your Door
06. Grits Ain't Groceries (All Around The World) 

07. May Be Wrong
08. Louisiana Blues
09. It Hurts Me Too

A Step Further (1969)
01. Made Up My Mind
02. Waiting In the Bamboo Grove
03. Life's One Act Play
04. I'm Tired /Where I Am
05. Savoy Brown's Boogie (Live) 

A. I Feel So Good
B. Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On
C. Little Queenie
D. Purple Haze
E. Hernando's Hideway

Raw Sienna (1970)
01. A Hard Way To Go
02. That Same Feelin
03. Master Hare
04. Needle And Spoon
05. A Little More Wine
06. I'm Crying
07. Stay While The Night Is Young
08. Is That So
09. When I Was A Young Boy

Looking In (1970)
01. Gypsy
02. Poor Girl
03. Money Can't Save Your Soul
04. Sunday Night
05. Looking In
06. Take it Easy
07. Sitting an' Thinking
08. Leavin' Again
09. Romanoff

Savoy Brown, May Blitz & Fotheringay - Live (Bootleg 1970)
01. Savoy Brown - Louisiana blues
02. May Blitz - I don't know
03. Fotheringay - Memphis

Street Corner Talking (1971)
01. Tell Mama
02. Let It Rock (Rock And Roll On The Radio) 

03. I Can't Get Next To You
04. Time Does Tell
05. Street Corner Talking
06. All I Can Do
07. Wang Dang Doodle
08. Tell Mama (Single Version)

Hellbound Train (1972)
01. Doin' Fine
02. Lost and Lonely Child
03. I'll Make Everything Alright
04. Troubled By These Days And Times
05. If I Could See An End
06. It'll Make You Happy
07. Hellbound Train

Hellbound Train Live (1969-1972)
CD 1.

01. I'm Tired
02. Hard Way to Go
03. A Little More Wine
04. Savoy Brown Boogie No.2
05. Louisiana Blues
06. Memory Pain
07. Leaving Again
08. Shake, Rattle & Roll

CD 2.

01. I Want You to Love Me
02. Money Can't Save Your Soul
03. Looking from the Outside
04. Hellbound Train
05. All I Can Do
06. So Tired
07. Let It Rock
08. The Saddest Feeling
09. Jack the Toad
10. I Hate to See You Go
11. Love Me Please
12. Tell Mama

Lion's Share (1973)
01. Shot In The Head
02. Second Try
03. The Saddest Feeling
04. I Can't Find You
05. Howling For My Darling
06. So Tired
07. Denim Demon
08. Love Me Please
09. I Hate To See You Go

Jack The Toad (1973)
01. Coming Down Your Way
02. Ride On Babe
03. Hold Your Fire
04. If I Want To
05. Endless Sleep
06. Casting My Spell
07. Just Cos' You Got The Blues Don't Mean You Gotta Sing
08. Some People
09. Jack The Toad

Boogie Brothers (1974)
01. Highway Blues
02. Me And The Preacher
03. My Love's Lying Down
04. You Don't Love Me
05. Always The Same
06. Everybody Loves A Drinking Man
07. Rock And Roll Star
08. Boogie Brothers
09. Threegy Blues

Wire Fire (1975)
01. Put Your Hands Together
02. Strangest Blues
03. Here Comes The Music
04. Ooh What A Feelin'
05. Hero To Zero
06. Deep Water
07. Can't Get On
08. Born Into Pain

Skin 'N' Bone (1976)
01. Get On Up And Do It
02. Part Time Lady
03. This Day Is Gonna Be Our Last
04. She's The One
05. Skin 'N' Bone
06. Walkin' And Talkin'

Savage Return (1978)
01. The First Night
02. Don't Do It Baby, Do It
03. Spirit High
04. Play It Right
05. Walk Before You Run
06. My Own Man
07. I'm Alright Now
08. Rock 'N' Roll Man
09. Double Lover

Rock 'n' Roll Warriors (1981)
01. Cold Hearted Woman
02. Georgie
03. Bad Breaks (Make Me Feel Good) 

04. Don't Tell Me I Told You
05. This Could Be The Night
06. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone
07. Shot Down By Love
08. Bad Girls
09. Got Love If You Want It
10. Nobody's Perfect

Greatest Hits Live In Concert (1981)
01. Street Corner Talkin'
I'm Tired
Hellbound Train

02. Train To Nowhere
I Can't Get Next To You
All I Can Do Is Cry

03. Needle And Spoon
04. Tell Mama
05. Run To Me (Studio Track) 

06. Wang Dang Doodle
Louisiana Blues
The Boogie

Slow Train (1986)
01. Slow Train
02. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
03. Bone Shakin'
04. It's Too Late
05. Meet Me in the Bottom
06. Little Red Rooster (Live) 

07. Come Back Baby (Live) 
08. Another Man Done Gone
09. Ramblin' on My Mind (Live)

Make Me Sweat (1988)
01. Limousine Boogie (Hey, Hey Mama) 
02. Just For Kicks
03. Good Time Lover
04. Goin' Down
05. Hard Way To Go
06. Don't Tell Me It's Over
07. Running With A Bad Crowd
08. Tell Mama
09. Shot In The Head
10. Breakin' Up
11. On The Prowl

Kings Of Boogie (1989)
01. Kings Of Boogie
02. Deep In My Heart
03. A Man Alone
04. No Win Love
05. Mean Business
06. Bad State Of Mind
07. Heartbreaks Make You Strong
08. Since You've Been Gone
09. Caught Me In The Saddle
10. All Burned Out
11. Until The Sky Fades Away

Live In Central Park, 1972 (1989)
01. Let It Rock
02. Shot In The Head
03. The Saddest Feeling
04. Can't Find You
05. Tell Mama
06. Love Me Please
07. Hip Shake

Live And Kickin' (1990)
01. Heartbreaks Make You Strong
02. I Can't Get Next To You
03. 15 Miles To Go
04. Raise Some Thunder
05. Since You've Been Gone
06. Medley (Greatest Hits)
A. I'm Tired
B. Hard Way To Go
C. Louisiana Blues
D. Street Corner Talkin'
E. Hellbound Train
F. Guitar Solo (Simmonds)

07. Bad Intentions
08. Poor Girl
09. Wang Dang Doodle
10. All I Can Do Is Cry
11. Boogie (Hey Hey Mama)

Let It Ride (1992)
01. Yesterdays Blues
02. Flat Out
03. Let Me Be Your Driver
04. Feel Like Crying
05. Looking Out
06. Let It Ride
07. Cruisin' Speed
08. Don't Tell Me Nothing
09. Ain't No Sunshine
10. Nothing But The Blues
11. Down All The Days

Bring It Home (1995)
01. Mr. Brown's Boogie
02. Sweet Loving Thing
03. Too Much Of A Good Thing
04. Misery
05. Shake For Me
06. Pack It Up
07. High On Your Love
08. Worried Man
09. Little Wheel
10. You're In For A Big Surprise
11. Real Fine Woman
12. That's What Love Will Do
13. Baby Please

Live At The Record Plant, 1975 (1998)
01. Tell Mama
02. Born Into Pain
03. Hero To Zero
04. Hellbound Train
05. All I Can Do (Is Cry) 

06. Savoy Brown Boogie
07. You Don't Have To Go

The Blues Keep Me Holding On (1999)
01. Going Down To Mobile
02. She's Leaving
03. That's All I Want Baby
04. The Blues Keep Me Holding On
05. Bad Shape
06. Mississippi Steamboat
07. Ain't No Need To Worry
08. Headline News
09. Little Red Rooster
10. When You Got A Good Friend

Looking from the Outside, Live '69 & '70 (2000)
01. I'm Tired
02. Hard Way To Go
03. A Little More Wine
04. Savoy Brown Boogie No.2
05. I Want You To Love Me
06. Lousiana Blues
07. Memory Pain
08. Leaving Again
09. Money Can't Save Your Soul
10. Looking From The Outside

Strange Dreams (2003)
01. When It Rains
02. Can't Take It With You
03. Meat Shaking Woman (Blind Boy Fuller)

 04. Strange Dreams
05. Keep On Rollin'
06. Shake It All Night
07. Pain Of Love
08. (Hard Time) Believing In You
09. Memphis Last Night
10. Can't Let You Go

You Should Have Been There (2005)
01. When It Rains
02. Where Has Your Heart Gone
03. Poor Girl
04. Blues Like Midnight
05. Street Corner Talking
06. Hellbound Train


Steel (2007)
01. Monday Morning Blues
02. Long As I've Got You
03. I Don't Remember You
04. You Don't Do A Thing For Me
05. Fly Away
06. Crying Forever
07. Daybreak
08. Echo Of A Sigh
09. I'll Keep On Singing The Blues
10. Keeping The Dream Alive
11. Blues Like Midnight
12. Hellbound Train

Voodoo Moon (2011)
01. Shockwaves
02. Natural Man
03. Too Much Money
04. She's Got The Heat
05. Look At The Sun
06. 24/7
07. Round And Round
08. Voodoo Moon
09. Meet the Blues Head On


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16 comentários :

  1. É com muito prazer que inicio os comentarios sobre essa banda,Savoy Brown é uma das minhas grandes influências no rock,essa banda abriu a minha mente,e me ensinou muito nos estudos de guitarra.Alex,agradeço imensamente pelo presente que você nos deu,estava esperando a tempos por essa postagem,agora além dos vinis que tenho(e que não são fáceis de encontrar),vou poder baixar os álbuns que ainda não conheço.
    Grande abraço e mais uma vez PARABÉNS pelo blog,o MURO É O MELHOR!!!

  2. Bluesão de qualidade. Surpresa do caralho! Tô ouvindo em full time. Abraço forte. ADEMIR JR. - NANUQUE/MG -

  3. God Save Muro. Valeu pela boa musica. e muito rock n roll

  4. Excellent! Savoy brown have always been a fave of mine. Even though I have most of the albums on vinyl, I currentl am without a turntable. Thanx for providing an opportunity for me to hear some ofthese again!

  5. José Alves Teixeira (Tex) Garanhuns-PE29/06/2012 15:23

    Blues de Primeira Qualidade. Essa Banda é Fantástica. Já estou baixando. Obrigado Alex.

  6. Excepcional el material, muchas gracias. Abrazo grande desde el interior de Argentina

  7. Excelente banda de blues, que passei agora a conhecer. Foi um prazer baixar a discografia com o novo suporte rápido. Obrigado Alex por partilhares toda esta música no Muro. O teu coração é grande. Tudo de bom para ti.

  8. Excelente! Estava com dificuldade em encontrar o Street Corner Talking e aqui foi uma moleza. Ótimo blog, parabéns!

  9. Dear Muro; Thank you for these albums. I had most of them on vinyl. It is good to hear them again. I saw Savoy Brown quite a few times between 1970 and 1972. In fact; I was there when they recorded the Live in Central Park concert. What a show! They actually cut some of the songs off, the concert was longer than this, They broadcast it on the radio 2 weeks later and this was all they broadcast. That's why the album is short. What a Band! I used to go see Foghat too! Thanks again and all the best!

  10. banda maravilhosa que o muro disponibiliza a discografia.os primeiros álbuns são demais. so tinha um som let it rock e alguns anos atrás comprei umas copias na galeria e depois o muro me deu a coleção .Tenho um enorme gratidão ao sr alex e o muro.

  11. Discografia integralmente baixada. Imperdível, obrigado Alex.

  12. Banda que dá prazer de ouvir. Sensacional.


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