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8 de novembro de 2013

Roy Harper - Collection.

Roy Harper (nascido em 12 de junho de 1941) é um cantor inglês de folk/rock, compositor e guitarrista, atuante como músico profissional desde 1964.
Lançou um grande catálogo de discos (22 álbuns de estúdio e 10 álbuns ao vivo), a maioria disponível em sua gravadora “Science Friction” (como CD e/ou via download). 

Musicalmente, Lead Belly, cantor americano de blues e Woody Guthrie, cantor folk americano foram suas primeiras influências e, em sua adolescência, o músico de jazz Miles Davis. Harper também foi exposto à música clássica em sua infância e chamou a atenção para a influência de Jean Sibelius' Suite Karelia. Influências líricas incluem o Romantismo do século 19 (especialmente Percy Shelley) e o poema de John Keats, “Endymion”. 

Como músico, Harper é conhecido por sua técnica “fingerstyle”, ou seja, tocar as cordas diretamente com a ponta dos dedos ou unhas, produzindo composições complexas, longas e líricas, resultado de seu amor pelo jazz e Keats. 

Sua influência foi reconhecida por muitos músicos, como Jimmy Page e Robert Plant do Led Zeppelin (a canção “Hats Off to (Roy) Harper” foi em sua homenagem), Pete Townshend do The Who, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd (que o convidou para cantar em “Have a Cigar") e Ian Anderson do Jethro Tull, que afirmou que Harper “era a sua principal influência no violão acústico e como compositor". 

Mais recentemente, a influência de Harper alcançou outros artistas, como “Fleet Foxes”, banda acústica de Seattle, Jonathan Wilson, músico e produtor americano e a harpista californiana Joanna Newsom, com quem também fez uma turnê. 

Em 2011, Harper completou 70 anos e realizou um concerto de comemoração no Royal Festival Hall em Londres. 

Embora tenha lançado em 2013 seu álbum mais recente, “Man and Myth” hoje ele encontra-se oficialmente "aposentado", vivendo em um canto isolado da Irlanda. Fonte: Wikipédia. Sintetizado por: Francisco Eduardo. 

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Sophisticated Beggar (1966)
01. China Girl
02. Goldfish
03. Sophisticated Beggar
04. My Friend
05. Big Fat Silver Aeroplane
06. Blackpool
07. Legend
08. Girlie
09. October the 12th
10. Black Clouds
11. Mr. Station Master
12. Forever
13. Committed

Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith (1967)
01. Freak Sweet
02. You Don't Need Money
03. Ageing Raver
04. In a Beautiful Rambling Mess
05. All You Need Is
06. What You Have
07. Circle
08. Highgate Cemetery
09. Come Out Fighting Genghis Smith
10. Zaney Janey
11. Ballad Of Songwriter
12. Midspring Dithering
13. Zenjem
14. It's Tomorrow And Today Is Yesterday
15. Francesca
16. She's The One

Folkjokeopus (1969)
01. Sgt. Sunshine
02. She's the One
03. In the Time of Water
04. Composer of Life
05. One for All
06. Exercising Some Control
07. Mc Goohan's Blues
08. Manana

Flat Baroque and Berserk (1970)
01. Don't You Grieve
02. I Hate the White Man
03. Feeling All Saturday
04. How Does it Feel
05. Goodbye
06. Another Day
07. Davey
08. East of the Sun
09. Tom Tiddler's Ground
10. Francesca
11. Song of the Ages
12. Hell's Angels

Stormcock (1971)
01. Hors d'Oeuvres
02. The Same Old Rock
03. One Man Rock and Roll
04. Me and My Woman

Lifemask (1973)
01. Highway Blues
02. All Ireland
03. Little Lady
04. Bank Of The Dead
05. South Africa
06. The Lord's Prayer
A. Poem
B. Modal Song Parts I to IV
C. Front Song
D. Middle Song
E. End Song (Front Song Reprise)

Valentine (1974)
01. Forbidden Fruit
02. Male Chauvinist Pig Blues
03. I'll See You Again
04. Twelve Hours of Sunset
05. Acapulco Gold
06. Commune
07. Magic Woman (Liberation Reshuffle)
08. Che
09. North Country
10. Forever
11. Home
12. Too Many Movies
13. Home

Flashes from the Archives of Oblivion (Live 1974)
01. Commune
02. Don't You Grieve
03. Twelve Hours of Sunset
04. Kangaroo Blues
05. All Ireland
06. Me and My Woman
07. South Africa
08. Highway Blues
09. One Man Rock & Roll Band
10. Another Day
11. M.C.P. Blues

HQ (1975)
01. The Game (Parts 1-5)
02. The Spirit Lives
03. Grown Ups Are Just Silly Children
04. Referendum (Legend)
05. Forget Me Not
06. Hallucinating Light
07. When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease
Bonus Tracks.
08. The Spirit Lives (Alternate Version)
09. When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease (Live)
10. Hallucinating Light (Live Single Version)

Bullinamingvase (1977)
01. One Of Those Days In England
02. These Last Days
03. Cherishing the Lonesome
04. Naked Flame
05. Watford Gap
06. One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2-10)
07. Breakfast With You

The Unknown Soldier (1980)
01. Playing Games
02. I'm in Love With You
03. The Fly Catcher
04. You (The Game Part 2)
05. Old Faces
06. Short and Sweet
07. First Thing in the Morning
08. The Unknown Soldier
09. Ten Years Ago
10. True Story


Work of Heart (1982)
01. Drawn to the Flames
02. Jack of Hearts
03. I Am a Child
04. Woman
05. I Still Care
06. Work of Heart

Born in Captivity (1985)
01. Stan
02. Drawn to the Flames
03. Come to Bed Eyes
04. No Woman Is Safe
05. I Am a Child
06. Work of Heart:
No One Ever Gets Out Alive
07. Work of Heart:
No One Ever Gets Out live
Two Lovers in the ...

Roy Harper &  Jimmy Page - Whatever Happened to Jugula? (1985)
01. Nineteen Forty-Eightish
02. Bad Speech
03. Hope
04. Hagman
05. Advertisement (Another Intentional Irrelevent Suicide)
06. Elizabeth
07. Frozen Moment
08. Twentieth Century Man 

Loony on the Bus (1988)

01. No Change (Ten Years Ago)
02. Sail Away
03. I Wanna Be Part of the News
04. Burn the World (Part 1)
05. Casualty
06. Cora
07. Playing Prison
08. Loony on the Bus
09. Come Up and See Me
10. The Flycatcher
11. Square Boxes

Once (1990)
01. Once
02. Once in the Middle of Nowhere
03. Nowhere to Run To
04. The Black Cloud of Islam
05. If
06. Winds of Change
07. Berliners
08. Sleeping at the Wheel
09. For Longer Than It Takes
10. Ghost Dance

Death or Glory? (1992)
01. Death or Glory
02. The War Came Home Tonight
03. Duty
04. Waiting for Godot Part Zed
05. Next to Me
06. The Methane Zone
07. The Tallest Tree
08. Miles Remains
09. The Fourth World
10. Why?
11. Evening Star
12. Cardboard City
13. One More Tomorrow
14. On Summer Day

Garden Of Uranium: Descendants Of Smith, 1988 (1994)
01. Laughing Inside
02. Garden of Uranium
03. Still Life
04. Pinches of Salt
05. Desert Island
06. Government Surplus
07. Surplus Liquorice
08. Liquorice Alltime
09. Maile Lei
10. Same Shoes
11. Descendants of Smith
12. Laughing Inside (Rough and Ready version)

Live At Les Cousins, 1969 (1996)
CD 1.

01. You Don't Need Money
02. North Country
03. Hors D'Oeuvres
04. Blackpool
05. She's The One (1)
06. She's The One (2)
07. Goldfish
08. East Of The Sun

CD 2.

01. McGoohan's Blues
02. Feeling All The Saturday
03. Zengem
04. Che
05. Davey
06. I Hate The White Man
07. Goodbye
08. Tom Tiddler's Ground (Edit)

The BBC Tapes Volume I, 1969-1973 (1997)
01. Francesca
02. Hell's Angels
03. She's The One
04. I Hate The White Man
05. It's Tomorrow And Today Is Yesterday
06. Don't You Grieve
07. I Hate The White Man
08. North Country
09. Forever
10. Twelve Hours Of Sunset
11. South Africa
12. Little Lady
13. All Ireland

The BBC Tapes Volume II, In Concert 1974 (1997)
01. Hors D'oeuvres
02. Too Many Movies
03. Male Chauvinist Pig Blues
04. Forever 
05. South Africa
06. Highway Blues
07. I'll See You Again
08. Commune
19. Another Day
10. North Country
11. Twelve Hours Of Sunset

The BBC Tapes Volume III, BBC Sessions 1974 (1997)
01. Commune
02. Forever
03. Highway Blues
04. I'll See You Again
05. North Country
06. Too Many Movies
07. Forever
08. North Country
09. Highway Blues
10. Twelve Hours Of Sunset
11. One Man Rock And Roll Band
12. Too Many Movies
13. Home

The BBC Tapes Volume IV, In Concert 1975 (1997)
01. Hallucinating Light
02. Referendum
03. Highway Blues
04. Too Many Movies
05. The Spirit Lives
06. Home
07. The Game
08. Grown Ups Are Just Silly Children

The BBC Tapes Volume V, BBC Sessions 1975-1 978 (1997)
John Peel Session 1975 With Trigger.
01. Hallucinating Light
02. The Spirit Lives
03. Referendum
John Peel Session 1977 With Chips.
04. Another Day
05. Cherishing The Lonesome
06. These Last Days
07. Grown Ups Are Just Silly Children
John Peel Session 1978 With Andy Roberts.
08. Forget Me Not
09. The Same Old Rock
10. I Hate The White Man

The Dream Society (1998)
01. Songs of Love
02. Songs of Love (Part 2)
03. Dancing All the Night
04. Psychopath
05. I Want to Be in Love
06. Drugs for Everybody
07. Come the Revolution
08. Angel of the Night
09. The Dream Society
10. Broken Wing
11. These Fifty Years

The Green Man (2000)
01. The Green Man
02. Wishing Well
03. Sexy Woman
04. The Apology
05. Midnight Sun
06. Glasto
07. The Monster
08. New England
09. Solar Wind Sculptures
10. Rushing Camelot
11. All in All

Counter Culture (Coletânea 2005)
CD 1.

01. Sophisticated Beggar
02. You Don't Need Money
03. Francesca
04. I Hate the White Man
05. Another Day
06. The Same Old Rock
07. Me and My Woman
08. South Africa
09. I'll See You Again
10. Twelve Hours of Sunset
11. Forget Me Not
12. Hallucinating Light
13. When an Old Cricketer Leavesthe Crease

CD 2.

01. One of Those Days in England (Parts. 2-10)
02. These Last Days
03. Cherishing the Lonesome
04. The Flycatcher
05. You (Featuring Kate Bush)
06. Frozen Moment
07. Pinches of Salt
08. Miles Remains
09. Evening Star
10. I Wanna Be in Love
11. The Green Man
12. Blackpool (Extract)

Man & Myth (2013)
01. The Enemy
02. Time Is Temporary
03. January Man
04. The Stranger
05. Cloud Cuckooland
06. Heaven Is Here
07. The Exile

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Password Files: muro

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6 comentários :

  1. muito Obrigado Alex, há alguns tempinho atrás, lhe mandei um e-mail pedindo a discografia desse monstro Roy Harper, pois achava só 2 discos dele na internet, e você veio com essa avalanche de discos, muito obrigado, seu blog é maravilhoso! Vida longa ao Muro!

  2. O cara tem ótimos trabalhos.

  3. SIMPLESMENTE PERFEITO!!! Procurei muito a discografia dessa lenda, mais uma vez temos o Alex fazendo um trabalho digno de canonização. Muito obrigadaço!!!

  4. Roy Harper é o integrante anônimo do Pink Floyd..Os vocais das músicas Have a Cigar e Welcome to Machine do álbum Wish You Were Here são dele. Post estupendo!Como diria Jimmy Page: Hats to Roy!

  5. Post estupendo do quinto integrante do Pink Floyd e do Led Zeppelin. Hats to Hoy!

  6. Sensacional, Alex sempre mandando bem nas discografias =) obrigada por tudo!


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